Walking in to this marble coated in 1983 finished manor, all you can think about is WOW.

In Ranta-Kaarila, Tampere, Finland lies this Italian-style decorated rarity. According to Finnish buildingcode the house has arount 600 sqm (6500 sqft) of living space, even though it’s closer to 800 sqm (8600 sqft)

The Luxury Property located in Tampere by lake Pyhäjärvi has it’s own pier equipped with appropriate accessories for boat parking. The Property has a forest type garden with several pieces of art sculptures and statues in it.

Looking form the lake there isn’t anything telling you that on the shore there is such an extravagant building hiding behind the trees.

Asuntokuvaus Tampere RealEstate Photography

The Italian-style decor is clearly visible, and holds interesting stories. For example the staircase in the house was handcrafted in Italy and shipped to the house.

The property has several rarities hidden inside most left unnoticed by a visitor unless pointed out. The hallways floor for example has been carved from Onyx stone that’s usually used in jewelry.

Framedia Tmapere Luxury Property

Even tough it’s not the most expensive house ever sold publicly in Tampere it clearly reaches to the TOP3.

Realtor Tommi Luosmala, at Kiinteistömaailma Ratina

The property was also made into a 3D-model. The model can be viewed in the iframe below.

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The property has been receiving the well deserved press, media-time and social media buzz. So far the property has been viewed in different platforms several hundred thousand times.

“Tämän talon saadakseen kalustemiljonääri myi kotinsa, mökkinsä ja yrityksensä”- Aamulehti

“Tampereella myydään marmorista miljoonataloa, jota on tirkistelty hakupalveluissa jo satatuhatta kertaa – HS kävi katsomassa Kruunukalusteen perustajien elämäntyötä” –Helsingin Sanomat

“Marmorinen miljoonatalo aiheutti supinaa Tampereella – jo yli satatuhatta tirkistellyt ilmoitusta” –Iltasanomat